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​How Do I Place An Order?

Fat Pony Saddles accepts credit cards



Cashier checks


Personnal checks .

 We need physical address not a P.O. Box


Payment and Shipping


Once the payment has been received we ship insured Via UPS ground / Fed-ex ground  Within 36 hours .

You will have a tracking number by email to track your new saddle .


Returns & Refunds


New saddles are sold with a full satisfaction guarantee. These saddles are expensive and we want you to be completely satisfied with your Saddle.  However, as you can understand, certain policies and restrictions will apply. When you receive the saddle, Place tape on the  bottom of the stirrups and ride the saddle on a dry, clean, horse in a dry arena .  If the saddle does not meet your every expectation, you are free to return the saddle (via UPS, insured, only) for a refund less shipping costs. Purchasers seeking a refund are required to provide proof of shipment within 24 hours of receipt. Saddles showing wear, soiled, faded, scratched, treated with silver polish, oil, or any leather cleaning product or conditioner.  We will not be accepted for refund.

Custom saddles that reflect current models but are not customized are eligible for  refunds.  Custom saddles (brands, logos, initials, unique sizes, finishes or styles) will not be eligible for  refunds; please make all inquiries as to refund eligibility before purchasing.




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