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The Fappani

We are humbled and excited to announce the new Fappani Reiner. We have worked with NRHA $6 Million Rider Andrea Fappani to create a tool that he has spent thousands of hours riding and helping us perfect, the Fappani features some exciting changes for the rider. Learn more about them here.

Details About this Saddle:

Full floral tooled Fappani with a double padded Fappani seat.

  • Tree: Fappani (8 1/2" BW front end)

  • Cantle: 3” DL

  • Seat Style: Single 1/2” Foam AF Seat

  • Seat Color: Peanut Bison 

  • Tooling: Full Milan Floral

  • Oil Color: Medium-Dark Oil

  • Conchos: # 6500

  • Stirrups: 2" 5-Ply Wood Work Stirrup

Fappani Reiner

SKU: b21-339
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